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Posted on May 6, 2011

P90X Scam? If You Are Interested In Buying P90X, Then This Is The Most Important Page You'll Ever See … Keep Reading!

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program

System And Product Information

System P90X System
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P90X Reviews – What Is It?

P90X Scam or not? With so many infomercials and buzz going on and seeing as to how their claims of ripped body in 90 days are pretty miraculous, this is probably a question most people ask themselves, just as we did. That is why we created this website to find out the truth behind this fitness training system.

There have never been so many possibilities for an individual lose weight and get a ripped body without the need to go to a gym. New media formats such as online courses or DVD sets, together with well-thought accessories make these possibilities available to anyone. On the other hand, you will have to invest time, effort and money once you decide for one of them, so you better watch out for scams out there. Will this system be the right one for you?

P90X System is a home fitness system based on several workouts DVD’s, complemented with workout accessories and supplements, which provides you the opportunity to get a ripped body in just 90 days. P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program is the hottest product released from the P90X System. Abs workout, chest workout, cardio workout, special fitness exercises and workout routines, are part of the material included in it. The system is based in a revolutionary concept called “the muscle confusion technique” by which new moves and routines are constantly introduced, so that your body is always active, thus accelerating the visible results.

The product has been created by Tony Horton. Tony is nowadays one of the leading fitness gurus in the U.S. Starting as a self-learner doing daily training in California he developed several techniques to maximize results on himself. Sean Connery, Ewan MacGregor or Usher Raymond are some of his well known customers. Tony has successfully developed several other fitness and workout programs prior to the extreme home fitness program.

Why should you try P90x System? What about P90x Scam?

We all know that the “fitness market” market is already overly saturated, and how many scams are out there. So, Tony has not just pumped out yet another “fitness program”. Instead he has developed a complete set of DVDs and written materials that really work. He explains in detail the different workouts and what you need to do to get the body improvement you are looking for.

When you watch the DVDs you will realize that several tools have been developed to make the workouts easier to follow: the segment timer to chunk the workouts into segments, the progress bar on the screen, the use of men and women of different degrees of flexibility and resistance, and the fact that there’s always someone on the screen to help you do the different exercises in the right way.

Yes, there are some P90x Reviews out there saying that they never got the DVDs: watch out for P90x scam websites or cheap copies on eBay. Use only a trusted source. Yes, other reviews say that the system does not work as they do not get the promised results. This is not the kind of system where you do some movements in front of the TV and expect miraculous results. The workouts are long and hard, and you must be ready to take real action. At the end of the way there are many, many more reviews that show the contrary and many, many more P90x before and after pictures that show the impressive results that you, with the necessary time and dedication can achieve.

What's Inside P90x Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program System?

This home fitness program is based in a 12 DVD series and has been designed to obtain two main goals: fat loss and lean muscle development. Additionally to the 12 DVDs you will also find a nutrition plan designed to help you lose fat while maintaining high energy levels, a fitness guide with lots of fitness information to help you get the most out of the program and an additional video / DVD for a quick overview of the complete program.

The 12 DVDs include diverse and intense workouts. You can click on the links or images below to get a complete Program description, images and videos. The DVD contents are as follows:

1. Chest and Back: Targeted strength and definition workout
2. Plyometrics - Explosive jumping cardio routine
3. Shoulders and Arms - Potent combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements
4. Yoga X - Combines strength, balance, flexibility, and breath work
5. Legs and back - Get ready to squat, lunge, and pull
6. Kenpo X - Intense cardiovascular workout with punching and kicking
7. Stretch DVD - Achieve a higher level of athleticism plus prevent injuries
8. Core Synergistics - Build and support multiple muscle groups.
9. Chest, shoulders, and Triceps - Target both large and small upper body muscles
10. Back and Biceps Workout - Flex biceps and focus on toning and tightening muscles.
11. Cardio X - Low-impact cardio routine
12. Ab Ripper X - Intensive abs exercises.

The system also includes a P90x calendar to set your workout goals, track your progress and stay motivated as well as free Online Support Tools to get access to fitness experts, peer support, and motivation.

Do I need any additional P90X equipment?

OK, so the system really works and you are thinking of going for this product. Still you might have asked yourself the question, “Do I need any additional P90X Equipment?”

Well, it takes very little required additional equipment, and there are some other optional equipment and supplements which can also be helpful.

a)  Required equipment

a1)  Chin Up Bar.

P90X Chin Up Bar

Basically you need a place to do chin ups. You can use a straight bar, or look out in the market for a Chin Up Bar. Most P90x reviews recommend the P90x Chin Up Bar. You can get detailed information in the link before.

a2)  Weights or Bands

P90x Resistance Bands

Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set

Again you can start by using any kind of weights you buy at Wal-Mart, they worked and get you started. The official P90X option for this is the P90x Resistance Bands. Also very popular is the Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set

b)  Optional P90X Equipment

b1)  Power Stands or Push Up Stands

P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands

Go Fit Push Up Bars

They allow you to increase intensity to your push up. You can start with push up stands (such as Go Fit Push Up Bars) although the P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands are more comfortable, as the handles are thicker and have more padding.

b2)  Suplements

P90X Peak Health Formula Vitamins P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars P90X  Results and Recovery Formula

Your body needs help to recover from working out. P90X Reviews do at least recommend P90X Peak Health Formula Vitamins and P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars. If you can afford it then P90X Results and Recovery Formulla is the way to go.

Can I do it? Who can benefit the most from this program?

First of all, any new challenge requires a commitment from the person that wants to go through it. And P90X is not a small challenge. Indeed if you want to achieve the claimed results in the claimed timeframe then P90X should be considered as an advanced workout program.

If you are in medium / good shape, then you should go for directly for the 90 day challenge. Otherwise you still have plenty of options. You can start with a beginner’s program such as Power 90 In Home Boot Camp or even Power Half Hour Total Body Collection or other similar starter program, work through it for some weeks and then switch to P90X. Or you can simply start with a first 90 day round of P90X, but at your own pace. You may not get the final results you were expecting but you will for sure see improvements in your body. Living right, eating right, and feeling better should be a lifetime goal. So with the second round you will for sure land much closer to get your body ripped. As Tony Horton himself says, “Do your best and forget the rest”.

In the broadest sense, anyone and everyone who wants to have a better body, lose some weight, being healthier and feel better can and will benefit from trying P90X.

The Bottom line

Firstly, you should judge a fitness program or any other program by its results. There is a huge amount of testimonials and p90 before and after pictures showing impressive results. There are thousands of reviews of the product, the vast majority of them being positive, even enthusiastic about it. Ratings on P90X stay between 4 and 5 stars.

Additionally, anyone can start the program provided they follow their own pace, and results will show accordingly. Lose Fat, feel better, be healthier or get your body ripped are some of the benefits you can get when you follow the program.

Finally, thanks to the DVDs you are guided step by step, so it’s an easy way to go. The variety of the exercises together with Tony Horton’s and co. attitude and energy make your workouts fun and motivating, up to the point you feel you are working out with a bunch of friends.

Overall Qualification: P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program has shown evidence enough of its potential to improve your body, health and feelings. Now is up to you to go for it and start turning this potential into reality.

P.S. Make sure you do not buy the system from P90X scam websites, or eBay cheap copies. Customer complaints are also huge on the net.

P.P.S. Remember that the discount on this special trusted offer may not last long. If you order now you are guaranteed the discounted price.


P90x Scam: The Truth Behind This Body Ripping System

Posted on May 5, 2011

If you are on this site, chances are you have already heard of P90x. Our goal since we got to know this system has been to check every P90 reviews of the system to find out the truth behind the 90 day body ripping claims.

First thing that comes up loud and clear when you search the net for this system is the overwhelming quantity of P90x results. There are more than 40.000 pictures and more than 270.000 websites of “before and after”. Sure, not all of them maybe 100% certain and maybe not all of them got results in 90 days but, still, huge numbers and impressive results.

Secondly, customers that have bought products of the system and have reviewed them give mostly 5 stars to it (today out of 613 reviews of P90x Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program, 423 are 5 stars and 85 are 4 stars).

Yes, when you see this type of infomercials, you are at least a bit skeptical and probably you can’t stop thinking about fake programs that do not yield the promised results. Nevertheless, in this case the product is what you expect from the infomercial - the infomercial is a good representation of what you'll get. The DVDs are good, come in a small case (no excess packaging to exaggerate or compensate for lack of real product). The accompanying written materials are good too.

Sometimes, when talking about P90x it is also difficult and confusing to get to know what are really the different components of this system and what other fitness training programs are available in the market. In this sense we are doing our best to make it more clear and have created a Special Page in this blog.

You may also find reviews that will tell you they did not get the promised results. One thing must be clear: the workouts are long and hard although also engaging. You will not get a ripped body by just watching DVDs, you must be ready to take action and commit to do the fitness exercises. If you are ready for this then be also ready to get much stronger, more flexible, have more balance, loose body fat and get chest, arms and abs ripped through chest workout and abs workout.  And you may end up loving yoga. By the way Tony Horton and co. makes your workouts fun and motivating, it feels you are working out with a bunch of friends.

Overall feedback: If you forget about cheap and P90x scam websites and copies on eBay, and get the system components from a trusted source, the conclusion is

“It is worth the investment of your money and time. It is hard work, but it works.”

Tony Horton Scam? Who is he?

Posted on May 4, 2011

This is without doubt a necessary post to get the truth about the main topic of this website. Tony Horton Scam? Who is Tony Horton and how did he become the Fitness Master he is today?

He was born in the small town of Westerly Rhode Island, on July 2nd 1958. His first contact with fitness and fitness exercises was mainly motivated by his dream of becoming an actor. Being fit could mean that he could land more roles in Hollywood. He moved to Los Angeles after college and took several non-acting roles. However he kept on focusing on daily training and workouts and developed several techniques for maximizing results for himself. The challenge had started.

Tony Horton began working out at the World Gym in Venice, California, a place for professional bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno. Nevertheless he decided to focus on workout routines that dealt more with speed, flexibility and balance, to get a more lean muscular look more than go for the muscle growth.

Soon, this work started to be visible also to people surrounding him, so he started teaching and training colleagues and friends. Unknowingly he had discovered one of his biggest passions: bringing fitness to people around who would be willing to challenge themselves.

Evolution continued towards so he started his own business as a personal trainer gathering important and well known customers such as Shirley MacLaine, Tom Petty, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, and Bruce Springsteen. Recently he even trained multiple-Grammy-winner Usher Raymond, actor Ewan MacGregor and Sean Connery.  Tony’s training and motivational skills made the perfect combination: they were in high demand.

He did also collaborated with Mark Sisson, a former triathlete who introduced him to interval training, which is one of the influence for his current fitness exercises programs.

So, what about P90x scam and Tony Horton Scam? Tony Horton has been doing his homework all this years. He is nowadays one of the leading fitness gurus in the US, so we fully recommend listening carefully to what he has to say.

P90x Scam: Get The Facts

Posted on May 3, 2011

Before even asking yourself the question P90x Scam or not, let us get the facts behind this system. So, what is P90x?

Basically this product is a home fitness exercise system created by Tony Horton, which targets to get and improved physique in just 90 days.  It includes workout DVD’s and is complemented by workout accessories, such as the chin up bar or the resistance bands, and supplements such as recovery drinks and meal replacements shakes.

The system has tons of information about the right way to do fitness exercises, nutrition guides, all in a well recorded DVD format as well as PDF. Additionally to the workout accessories, you also get several tools to keep you on track with your goals and stay motivated.

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure you get plenty of sleep each night ? Fitness tips, Fitness tools, fitness programs, as well as professional trainers and workout sheets. Everything you need to get fit and to reach your health and weight loss faster, as you will have the right tools to work out, stay motivated and eat appropriately.

The secret weapon this system is using is called Muscle confusion. You are constantly introducing new moves and routines, and your body never remains inactive, thus accelerating the visible results.

Now, to the question P90x Scam or real, let us in this first post state that you should really take lots of care when trying to buy it from websites like eBay. Many of these programs are coming from China and tend to be very cheap, but incomplete and without guarantee.  Our first recommendation for this post, don’t trust eBay for P90x, utilize other trusted sources such as Amazon.